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Lao People's Democratic Republic
Spatial Accuracy
1km to 10km
In Dongmakfai village, Xaybouly district, Savannakhet province along the Xebangfai river
Intended area (ha)
0.0 (ha)
Intention of Investment

Renewable energy

Xebangfai 1 (Kengkeo) hydropower project, installed capacity: 90-100 MW
Nature of the deal


Negotiation Status
Contract signed
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct Feasibility Study (FS) signed in November 2015
Implementation status
Startup phase
Feasibility Study
Laosamay Construction Bridge-Road Sole Company Limited
Country of origin
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Data source
Media report
Vientiane Times report on 16/11/2015: "The government has given the go ahead for a local company to conduct a feasibility study on the construction of the Xebangfai 1 (Kengkeo) hydropower project in Savannakhet and Khammuang provinces. The MoU was signed between Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dr Bounthavy Sisouphanthong, on behalf of the Lao government and President of the Laosamay Construction Bridge-Road Sole Co., Ltd Mr Phouvong Korasack. The signing ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Associate Prof. Dr Khamphad Sourinphoumy, Savannakhet provincial Governor Dr Souphan Keomixay, Electricite Du Laos (EDL) Managing Director Mr Sisavath Thiravong and high ranking officials from the provinces and the company. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Phouvong reported that his company had expressed interest in developing the lower Xebangfai River in Dongmakfai village, Xaybouly district of Savannakhet province for many years. The company hopes to use the water for electricity generation, irrigation to prevent flooding and drought as well as provide a tourism attraction in the area, he said. After that, the company sought permission from provincial authorities to conduct a technical and economic feasibility study on the construction of Xebangfai 1 (Kengkeo) hydropower project, he added. However the production capacity of this project is around 90-100 MW so it is greater than the capacity provincial authorities have permission to grant so the proposal was forwarded to the central government and the MoU was signed today, Mr Phouvong noted. The company, in consultation with the relevant sector and provincial authorities, will initially survey and collect information on the viability of building the dam, and its potential environmental impacts. The study will take several months to complete, after which the company will submit the results to the government for its consideration. Mr Phouvong said in response to the high demands of domestic electricity use in Savannakhet and Khammuan provinces, the company aims to successfully construct this hydropower project by cooperating with development partners from neighbouring countries. The completion of the project will promote economic development in the region, he added."