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Lao People's Democratic Republic
Spatial Accuracy
100m to 1km
Phachao village, Kasy district, Vientiane province along Namsamoy
Intended area (ha)
0.0 (ha)
Intention of Investment

Renewable energy

Namsamoy hydropower plant, installed capacity: 5MW
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Negotiation Status
Contract signed
Duration of Agreement (years)
50 (years)
Implementation status
Startup phase
Groundbreaking ceremony in December 2015
Sanamxay Construction Company
Country of origin
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Data source
Media report
Vientiane Times report on 18/12/2015: "An official groundbreaking ceremony to kick off construction of the Namsamoy Hydropower Project in Kasy district, Vientiane province, took place on Wednesday at the provincial Administrative Office. Director of the Namsamoy Hydro Company Ltd Mr Khamxay Sithiphone and his business partners, Deputy Governor of Vientiane province Ms Singkham Khongsavanh and other officials from both sides attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The project developer, Sanamxay Construction-PS Bridge and Road and Irrigation Company, signed an agreement with the provincial authorities in 2012 to build the 5MW run-of-river dam after being awarded a 50-year concession. However, the developer is considering increasing the installed capacity of the plant from 5MW to 7.5MW, Mr Khamxay said, adding that the plant had the potential to be upgraded. Construction of the hydro plant is expected to take about two years and will be carried out by the LEDC group, which consists of Nakkhalath Import-Export Co. Ltd, Mining Survey and Excavation Co Ltd, Songda Co. Ltd and Palamy Co.Ltd. The electricity generated will be sold to Electricite du Laos. Some basic infrastructure has already been built to facilitate construction, Mr Khamxay said, adding that an access road more than 8km long had been built to link Road No. 13 North to the site of construction in Phachao village. Following the symbolic ceremony, the project developers will hold another groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site before the main work gets under way, Mr Khamxay said. All the preparatory essential work had been completed, he added, including an environmental impact assessment. Mr Khamxay thanked leading provincial Party and goverment officials for their strong support and for granting his company a concession to build the dam. During Wednesday's ceremony, the project developers handed over 34 million kip to contribute to the development of Vientiane province, 10.4 million kip to the development of Kasy district and 5.4 million kip for the development of Phachao village.
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Domestic use
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