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Lao People's Democratic Republic
Spatial Accuracy
1km to 10km
Intended area (ha)
0.0 (ha)
Intention of Investment

Renewable energy

Nam Bak 1 hydropower project, installed capacity: 160 MW
Nature of the deal


Negotiation Status
Contract signed
Contract date
Project Development Agreement (PDA) signed in August 2013
Implementation status
Startup phase
Announced amount of investment
124 million US$
Nam Ngum 2 Power Company
Country of origin
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Data source
Media report
Vientiane Times report: "Construction of the Nam Bak 1 hydropower project in Xaysomboun province by a major foreign developer has been delayed until next year or possibly 2017. A p r o v i n c i a l e n e rg y department official said yesterday the project will be delayed because the Thai investor, a major energy company, has not completed the necessary studies after signing a project development agreement (PDA) with the Lao government a few years ago. The developer signed the PDA with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, on behalf of the Lao government, in August 2013. The company expected that the studies would be finished within one year and the developer expected that project construction would begin by the end of the following year, 2014. The agreement allowed the company to undertake more detailed studies on the project, including its engineering and design, concession agreements, and financing. The provincial energy department official said that once construction begins, the project will take about two and a half years to complete. The construction cost is estimated at about 992 billion kip (US$124 million). However, the investor has to complete all of the studies to determine the level of difficulty of the project and therefore what the likely cost will be. When complete, it is envisaged that the dam will have an installed capacity of 160 megawatts (MW), which could generate about 740GWh of electricity per year. The investor plans to sell all the energy generated to Electricite du Laos (EDL). [...]"
Data source
Media report
Vientiane Times report
Use of produce
Domestic use
Planned market: Laos